Google Maps Mobile gets Layers

Wednesday, July 22, was a good day.  Although I just discovered this now, on that day Google released Google Maps for Mobile version 3.2.  The new release adds “layers of fun” to the application.  In other words, you can now show or hide layers which contain information on search results, My Maps, Transit and points of interest from Wikipedia.  How cool is that!?

When I went to Dublin last year I created a My Maps of places of interest.  At that time I printed the map out and labeled the points of interest by hand because that was the only way to take it with me.  Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for Google to put My Maps on cell phones.  I’ve even gone onto the Google product ideas site to vote for it.  Now, not only do we get My Maps integration but more goodies as well.  The Wikipedia feature is a great idea.  Bravo!

Read the official Google Mobile Blog post here.


Save Rudy’s Bar and Grill!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer

Rudy’s is a NYC landmark, established in 1933 and still standing as the last bar of it’s kind on 9th avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.   It’s a dive covered floor to ceiling in duct tape with cheap beer, free hot dogs, outdoor space, history and character.  9 out of 10 bars in NY have none of these things!  Rudy’s needs to re-open the outdoor patio to save the business but the city is dragging its feet.  Save Rudy’s or the paper mache pig will die and you may never taste the glory of free hot dogs again.  Further pleading at

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Loyal eMusic Customers Disenfranchised

Monoliths and Dimensions, the new album by Sunn O))) has a Metascore of 87 which is currently the 3rd highest Metascore of 2009.  This is the type of critically acclaimed yet difficult to digest experimental indie album that eMusic users should eat right up.  Which is why I was surprised to see the eMusic user rating is a mediocre 3.0 out of 5.  So what gives?  It turns out the users who gave negative reviews were actually expressing their contempt for eMusic’s new pricing structure in lieu of rating the music on the album.

I can get this 4 track album for 12 credits? Score!

So I can get this 4 song album for 12 song credits? Score!

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Tinkertoys still alive after 95 years!

Midway Mania 4

(cc) photo credit: daryl_mitchell

Anyone remember Tinker-Toys?  This was was one of the great toys of past generations which allowed kids to be creative. I use the past tense here because I assumed Tinkertoy was extinct, replaced by newer, “better”, plastic-er, modern products.  Well to my surprise, it’s still available!  And what’s even more shocking is that it’s still made of real wood, at least for certain parts.  If you have a young child, I wholeheartedly recommend Tinkertoy.  Don’t worry about the splinters… it’s all part of the fun.

The Tinkertoy Construction Set was created in 1914—one year after the A. C. Gilbert Company’s Erector Set—by Charles H. Pajeau and Robert Pettit in Evanston, Illinois. Pajeau, a stonemason, designed the toy after seeing children play with pencils and empty spools of thread. He and Pettit set out to market a toy that would allow and inspire children to use their imaginations.


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Scooter Puffs

Introducing the new breakfast cereal from eggyweb.  Recommended daily allowance of corn: 10,000%! Nutritional Info Not Applicable. Product details TBA.

Last week as I was walking down 11th avenue I saw two consecutive scooter puffs and I thought “this would be fun to blog about.”  Not surprisingly, like 99% of everything, it has already been blogged about.  One day I will return to this world renowned scooter puff hot spot armed with my camera.  For now I will simply regurgitate the following:

…even as the obesity problem grows in America, we at Manolith see a silver lining: more fat guys are riding scooters. -Manolith

How To Refresh a Bagel

A Guide to Bagel Storage and Restoration (Read: Freezing and Toasting)

Bagel Beanery Bagel 2-18-09 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: stevendepolo

The Quick Freeze

If you are fortunate enough to have an abundance of fresh bagels today, freeze them while they are fresh and they will be delicious for weeks to come.  Keep in mind that frozen bagels can not be sliced so you will want to slice the fresh bagels in half first, then put them in a plastic bag to store in your freezer.  This way the bagel halves are ready for toasting on demand, anytime. Continue reading