How To Refresh a Bagel

A Guide to Bagel Storage and Restoration (Read: Freezing and Toasting)

Bagel Beanery Bagel 2-18-09 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: stevendepolo

The Quick Freeze

If you are fortunate enough to have an abundance of fresh bagels today, freeze them while they are fresh and they will be delicious for weeks to come.  Keep in mind that frozen bagels can not be sliced so you will want to slice the fresh bagels in half first, then put them in a plastic bag to store in your freezer.  This way the bagel halves are ready for toasting on demand, anytime.

Slicing and Dicing

Do not attempt to slice a frozen bagel without defrosting it first.  To slice a bagel safely, first check if there is a flat spot on the side of the bagel.  This would be best place to start cutting.  Next, press a serrated bread knife slightly into the side of the bagel before you start cutting back and forth.  This will help to prevent the knife from slipping off the bagel’s crust and into your fingers.  When the knife has cut most of the way through, adjust your grip so that you are cutting away from your other hand; not towards it.  This could save you a trip to the emergency room!  Be advised that dicing bagels is not recommended.

Toast to Perfection

The best way to restore the delicious taste from your frozen bagel is to toast it in a toaster or toaster oven.  For a toaster oven you can add a few drops of water on the crust and then put the bagel halves face down (crust up) directly on the toaster oven’s rack.  (Do not use the tray)  In just a couple of minutes you will have a crispy but not over done bagel to enjoy with your favorite spread.

The Skinny

If you have mastered bagel toasting and you’d like to try on your fancy pants read onward.  For even more toasted goodness, frozen bagels can be thinly sliced into 4 halves and they will come out extra crispy and extra snacky.  I learned this technique from my Mother who learned it from her mother.  Take 2 frozen bagel halves and toast them lightly.  When they are about half way toasted take them out and cut them in half again in the long direction parallel the the original cut.  Take extra care not to let the knife slip.   Now put all 4 halves back in the toaster until they are done to your liking.

This post was inspired by breakfast.


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