Save Rudy’s Bar and Grill!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer

Rudy’s is a NYC landmark, established in 1933 and still standing as the last bar of it’s kind on 9th avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.   It’s a dive covered floor to ceiling in duct tape with cheap beer, free hot dogs, outdoor space, history and character.  9 out of 10 bars in NY have none of these things!  Rudy’s needs to re-open the outdoor patio to save the business but the city is dragging its feet.  Save Rudy’s or the paper mache pig will die and you may never taste the glory of free hot dogs again.  Further pleading at

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3 thoughts on “Save Rudy’s Bar and Grill!

  1. Hey, are you going to my cause? My Rudy’s petition is nearly done, but a yes response might push it through a lot faster.

  2. Oh BTW, my first rspnse ws mde in error. I plcd the cmmnt in the wbste sction. But thn I had to rewrte my joke. But the embrrsmnt of it all wll frce me to sign the petition.

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