BoltBus website goes mobile

Bolt Buses
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr. T in DC

Hey BoltBus, you’re already awesome for having a beautiful fleet of new buses with Wifi and electrical outlets, offering very competitive prices and doing it all with an air of professionalism.  You’re my “china-town-bus” sans the violence and poop smell and while your name may not be as charming as Double Happiness, you are clearly my first choice in regional transportation.  And now I can buy tickets from my cell phone… nicely done.

Go to on your cell and you will be directed to the mobile site

-from via Twitter

In the past I have tried to navigate from my Windows Mobile Phone and failed – so the mobile site is a feature I’ve been waiting for.  Even though my phone was not redirected automatically, with the help of a friend’s iPhone, we figured out that I can access the mobile site through the usablenet portal or by going directly to

This morning I emailed BoltBus with the suggestion that they also redirect the common mobile URL’s such as to their mobile web address.  I promptly received this response from a Sr. Manager-Customer Interfaces:

Thanks Jason.  I’ve passed your recommendations to our IT department for implementation.

You’re very welcome, Bolt.  Good luck with that.

As an added bonus, this process led me to discover that usablenet also provides mobile web access for other websites that could be useful for my life such as New York MTA, City of New York, JetBlue Airways and SeamlessWeb.  The complete list of sites are listed on the usablenet portal.  This is good to know!


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