Can’t connect for an unknown reason

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chris!!!!!

In the case of Windows Mobile, with great power comes great… failure.  My Windows Mobile phone can do some powerful things like watching youTube, remote desktop to my PC or acting as a wifi router but lately every other time I want to do one of those things it “cannot connect for an unknown reason.”

With all the different software configurations I’ve tried on this phone, something always seems to go wrong sooner or later.  After a year of ownership and countless hours of tinkering, I’m not sure if there’s going to be anyway around it.  I can’t help but wonder if Windows Mobile is simply a flawed OS.  Since I don’t want to lock in with AT&T, I’ll be looking to the generation of Android phones to step up.

By the way, the picure above was the 2nd result for my Flickr search “HTC Diamond”… what does that tell you?


4 thoughts on “Can’t connect for an unknown reason

  1. Hold out for WM 7. Are you running 6.5? You also have to consider that the ROMs you’re using probably have their own bugs given that they’re created by volunteers.

  2. In my experience stock Sprint roms have more bugs than custom roms and either way there are bugs. Right now I’m back on 6.1. It would be nice to see good things from windows 7.

  3. this is disheartening. your success with / ability to tinker with and inherent coolness factor therein are my major holdout examples against the evergrowing sea of iPhone users! (Chase just got a 3Gs– they are even making sport models!{j/k})
    I have a problem with their monopolizing, but there’s a lot to be said for a system that works!

  4. Update: This is just a theory but I think the problem started when I installed a new communication manager via cab file. That’s probably one of those things that’s best to be cooked into the ROM rather than installed from a cab. I’m now on a different ROM and having no trouble with the data connection.

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