The Notwist are Something Wonderful

The Notwist
Creative Commons License photo credit: angela n.

The music we listen to is the soundtrack of our lives.  I’ve spent years branching out and exploring lots of different music, 160 gigs / 1,700 albums / 22,000 songs if you count what’s on my hard drive.  The process of music discovery has been a fun and rewarding one.  But lately I’ve been showing all the signs of something… and just now have I put it all together and realized what it means. I have a favorite band again and I think that’s a wonderful thing to have.

Seven years ago I loved this review and consequently, the album.  I relayed their music and sang their praises to friends. And furthermore, I’ve been reading Pitchfork ever since.  But one great album doesn’t make for a favorite band and many listens and seven years later I rarely listen to Neon Golden anymore.

Of course, I have all the Notwist albums.  I’ve even looked up all of their extensive side projects which I’m thoroughly enjoying. I anxiously awaited “The Devil, You + Me” for months before its release date and while I liked the new material, it didn’t initially meet my high hopes for it.

Earlier this year when the Notwist went on tour in Europe, I emailed them to see if they would be coming to NY. They responded positively that they would be. I was excited to have gotten a personal response and doubly excited at the prospect of seeing them in concert.

When they played Webster Hall I enjoyed it so much that I was just blown away.  The new songs were given new life and the old songs sounded updated and upgraded.  It was all so beautifully executed.  Satisfied but wanting more, I returned to the new album with an enhanced appreciation for it.

When I listen to the Notwist it does just what I want it to. It is beautiful, dynamic, calming, involving and reflective. I can get lost in my own thoughts with it.

In the coming months they’re touring in Europe with an Orchestra, the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra… and I’ve actually considered heading over there to see it even though I’d really rather see other parts of the world.

Yup, all the signs are there and I have to admit that I’m deeply in like with this band. In fact, I like them more than any other in ten years.  Being so enthusiastic about having this music in my life feels like a gift and I’m thankful.


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