Revelations! Part 1

Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city
Creative Commons License photo credit: Desmond Kavanagh

Boardgames!  Tens of thousands of boardgames you’ve never even heard of!

There’s a sub culture of board game lovers who aren’t playing Monopoly or Scrabble.  Check out the top rated board games at boardgamegeek.  I just found out about this from my coworker, Phil.  He and his friends have a new board game to play pretty much every week.  w0000000000000!

You can change a BoltBus reservation!

I booked my return trip from Maryland for next Sunday and then remembered that I have Monday off for President’s Day.  Well it turns out you can change a BoltBus reservation by calling up customer service.   A $3 booking fee + $0.50 transaction fee later, you’re back in business 😉  This is a nice surprise because Bolt started out with no phone number, non-transferable, non-refundable, etc.  Sure beats spending an additional $20-$25 on another bus ticket.  Try doing that on China-town-bus. #bolting!

Some doctors are crooked vultures.
On a related note, the only people that I ever seem to have disputes with are specialist doctors.

Them doctors are crooked vultures!

This is not a sweeping generalization.  I like most doctors.  But somehow, the only people on this earth who I seem to have disputes with are certain specialist doctors.  I now know to question everything at the dermatology office on 57th street IF I go back there.

Vulture: “Would you like me to clean your pores while you are here?”

Me: “What does that entail?”

Vulture: “Oh, nothing much…I’ll just apply some pressure, it only takes a minute.”

[And then I bill your insurance $170 for “acne surgery”, they pay part of it and we bill you for the rest… but I won’t mention that part because I don’t want to spoil the surprise]


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