Trifecta of awesome discovered in NYC Lower East Side

Doughnut Plant

Humongous delicious awesome doughnuts and not just your typical flavors!  For something different try the peanut butter and jelly or the intensely sweet creme brulee.  The coconut doughnut tastes like fresh coconut and is the very best doughnut I’ve ever tasted, hands down.  This game changer is not to be missed!  End of story.

Kosar’s Bialys

I’m told my great grandparents lived in Białystok, Poland.  Here lies the oldest Bialy bakery in the US. You want a baguette? English muffin? Loaf of anything? Sorry.  Want a Bialy?  You got it!  I was here recently and the Bialy wasn’t bad but not as great as I remembered.  Even though the shop is under new ownership, it could have been a fluke.  Anway, until I find a better Bialy… it’s still awesome!

Pickle Guys

Pickle stores are awesome because they have so many kinds of delicious pickles!  Obviously.


2 thoughts on “Trifecta of awesome discovered in NYC Lower East Side

  1. there is a bialy place in forest hills on queens blvd called Hot Bialys. i think i’ve eaten there a couple of times, but have never tried the bialys. seems to be popular. you should check it out sometime.

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