No Coffee and TV, it’s fine by me

Creative Commons License photo credit: Grel A

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About a month ago I gave up coffee and TV. For years I had been drinking 1 large coffee every morning M-F and it was delicious but I didn’t like feeling jittery and crashing in the afternoon. So I quit cold turkey, got some extra sleep the first week and started feeling better pretty quickly. Not waking up with caffeine withdrawal symptoms means not wanting to kill the world every morning and that’s a win for everybody.

The other prong in my purification plan was to replace Time Warner Cable TV with free Over-The-Air network TV via an antenna. I got a small indoor antenna which, according to, would allow me to pick up all the networks. But when I hooked it up I only got 1 channel… Telemundo!!! in stunning high definition.

So, I’ll be getting the DVD for the final season of LOST when that comes out. I hear the show is getting even crazier and fans are increasingly wondering how they’re going to tie it up. I have no doubt I want to finish what I started. It’s the same rationality that got GW re-elected in 2004. The war was already a crazy mess but the public wanted him to finish what he started. We know how that turned out.

Kidding aside, I’ve become quite fond of the characters and the storytelling in Lost. And as a David Lynch fan I don’t mind some loose ends as long as it’s a good ride getting there.

BTW, I put a new theme on the blog… what do you think?


3 thoughts on “No Coffee and TV, it’s fine by me

  1. I really like this idea; in fact, I like the idea of taking a moment to reflect on the things we do on a daily basis in general. Just to make sure we’re not just doing things because “it’s what we do”.
    Also, I loved it when we went TV-less. It focused what we watched a lot more– bc/ when you watch shows online/ DVDs that you get, then you don’t have to sift through random stuff. You also tend not to just burn a half hour staring at random shows that you don’t like go by before deciding that there’s nothing on!

    This all having been said, I really want a TV now so I can watch the World Cup when it comes on!

  2. Hi, stumbled across this website, I run a business called Eggy Web Design. How did you come up with the name? Mine was inspired by Clockwork Orange. Nice WordPress site btw.

    • Hi and thanks. I’ve stumbled across your business before and wondered who was behind it. For me it was also inspired by Clockwork Orange. Great minds think alike. šŸ™‚

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