Trifecta of awesome discovered in NYC Lower East Side

Doughnut Plant

Humongous delicious awesome doughnuts and not just your typical flavors!  For something different try the peanut butter and jelly or the intensely sweet creme brulee.  The coconut doughnut tastes like fresh coconut and is the very best doughnut I’ve ever tasted, hands down.  This game changer is not to be missed!  End of story.

Kosar’s Bialys

I’m told my great grandparents lived in Białystok, Poland.  Here lies the oldest Bialy bakery in the US. You want a baguette? English muffin? Loaf of anything? Sorry.  Want a Bialy?   Continue reading


The best thing about Time Warner Cable is that it’s close to Shake Shack!


When I cancelled my Time Warner Cable TV service last month I dropped off my cable box at the Time Warner Center on 23rd street.  Since that’s just up the block from Shake Shake, I had the opportunity to snag a delicious burger for lunch!  In the winter there’s almost no line whereas waiting 45 minutes is standard in the summertime.  They have outdoor space heaters so it’s not even that cold.

In addition, Madison Square park is home to some of the most fearless urban wildlife in the city.  All the little squirrels, rats and pigeons are so cracked out on shake shack leftovers, fear of humans is the last thing on their little critter minds.  I took this picture with my cell phone, no zoom, just got right up next to the furry French fry eater.

Now I’m just waiting for my Tuner Box to come in the mail so I can get Network TV over the air for free with an antenna.  That, along with Netflix should do the trick.

Google Maps NYC Subway Map could be better

Google Maps has had a “Transit” layer for some time and it used to be empty for New York City.  Not surprisingly, they’ve recently added the NYC subway map illustrating where the different lines run.  It works on as well as Google Maps Mobile on your phone (read about it here).

I’ve been using the subway map from for years and while that is basically the same thing, a NYC subway map layered over Google Maps, there are some differences. Below I’ve included a comparison of each map showing an identical area around times square. Continue reading

BoltBus website goes mobile

Bolt Buses
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr. T in DC

Hey BoltBus, you’re already awesome for having a beautiful fleet of new buses with Wifi and electrical outlets, offering very competitive prices and doing it all with an air of professionalism.  You’re my “china-town-bus” sans the violence and poop smell and while your name may not be as charming as Double Happiness, you are clearly my first choice in regional transportation.  And now I can buy tickets from my cell phone… nicely done.

Go to on your cell and you will be directed to the mobile site

-from via Twitter

Continue reading

Save Rudy’s Bar and Grill!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer

Rudy’s is a NYC landmark, established in 1933 and still standing as the last bar of it’s kind on 9th avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.   It’s a dive covered floor to ceiling in duct tape with cheap beer, free hot dogs, outdoor space, history and character.  9 out of 10 bars in NY have none of these things!  Rudy’s needs to re-open the outdoor patio to save the business but the city is dragging its feet.  Save Rudy’s or the paper mache pig will die and you may never taste the glory of free hot dogs again.  Further pleading at

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Scooter Puffs

Introducing the new breakfast cereal from eggyweb.  Recommended daily allowance of corn: 10,000%! Nutritional Info Not Applicable. Product details TBA.

Last week as I was walking down 11th avenue I saw two consecutive scooter puffs and I thought “this would be fun to blog about.”  Not surprisingly, like 99% of everything, it has already been blogged about.  One day I will return to this world renowned scooter puff hot spot armed with my camera.  For now I will simply regurgitate the following:

…even as the obesity problem grows in America, we at Manolith see a silver lining: more fat guys are riding scooters. -Manolith