No Coffee and TV, it’s fine by me

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Watch the music video for Coffee & TV

About a month ago I gave up coffee and TV. For years I had been drinking 1 large coffee every morning M-F and it was delicious but I didn’t like feeling jittery and crashing in the afternoon. So I quit cold turkey, got some extra sleep the first week and started feeling better pretty quickly. Not waking up with caffeine withdrawal symptoms means not wanting to kill the world every morning and that’s a win for everybody.

The other prong in my purification plan was to replace Time Warner Cable TV with free Over-The-Air network TV via an antenna. I got a small indoor antenna which, according to, would allow me to pick up all the networks. But when I hooked it up I only got 1 channel… Continue reading


Revelations! Part 1

Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city
Creative Commons License photo credit: Desmond Kavanagh

Boardgames!  Tens of thousands of boardgames you’ve never even heard of!

There’s a sub culture of board game lovers who aren’t playing Monopoly or Scrabble.  Check out the top rated board games at boardgamegeek.  I just found out about this from my coworker, Phil.  He and his friends have a new board game to play pretty much every week.  w0000000000000! Continue reading