Secret GChat Emoticons

Emoticon Tale (219 / 365)
Creative Commons License photo credit: somegeekintn

Ever wonder why Google’s GChat only has 12 kinds of emoticon buttons while Gmail has many more? Well, taking a page out of Skype’s playbook, GChat actually has a lot of hidden emoticons that you can employ by typing in certain combinations of characters.  Here’s the list of secret / hidden emoticons for GChat.

Here are the secret emoticons for Skype.  And here are hidden emoticons for Yahoo Messenger.


2 thoughts on “Secret GChat Emoticons

  1. My mom loves emoticons! So I sent her a (bug) in Skype and she says “that’s not there on the list!” right away; upon hearing my explanation, she was really excited about the idea of hidden emoticons and wanted to look them up herself. I thought it was quite adorable, really 🙂

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